Saturday, June 29, 2013

How To Unlock ZTE Usb Modems Aitel 3.75 HUSPA ZTE MF190U

How to unlock 3G Internet modems with Modem Unlocker, Universal Mastercode Software and even with free Online Unlocking Tools but recently, advances has been made by our network providers and ZTE Modems have been introduced which are proving ‘stubborn’ to various modem unlocker software and tools. But this newly discovered Universal Unlocker Software called DC Crap Modem Unlocker can unlock all your ZTE Internet Modems.

DC Crap Modem Unlocker is an Internet modem unlocker which has proven effective in unlocking ‘stubborn’ ZTE Internet modems from glo, MTN and, Etisalat.
How to Use It?

Step 1: Insert an unsupported sim card into the modem.

Step 2: Plug the modem to the computer which you wish to use the zte modem on.

Step 3: Run the internet connection program associated with the usb modem.

Step 4: When you are asked for an unlock code, just close the program, then disconnect any internet connections you may have active but do not remove the usb modem yet.

Step 5: Open DC unlocker

Step 6: Click on Server. Then in the Username box, type 9janetworks For password, type 9janetworks

Step 7: For Select Manufacturer, use ZTE datacards.

Step 8: For Select Models, use Auto Detect

Step 9: Click on the search icon to begin the search.

Step 10: When your modem is found, click on the Unlock button.

After a while, your zte usb modem would be unlocked......
BUT..... would need to type in the settings required for that sim card to access the internet before you can browse. A prefered way of doing this is by creating different profiles for each sim card to save you the trouble of retyping everything when you switch sims.

To create a new profile, go to Tools >> Options >> Profile Management. This may be different on your own program.

Note: If the server does not work or if the credits on it gets exhausted (of course). Please do a google search for free servers for dc unlocker.

Internet Settings For Nigerian Networks

Always use Static APN. Also, Access Number is always *99#


Access Point:

Username: web

Password: web


Access Point:

Username: internet
Password: internet

Access Point: gloflat

Username: flat

Password: flat


Access Point: etisalat

Username: *blank*

Password: *blank*

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